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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ribbon Flower Bow

I really should not post another craft idea, but I really do not want to clean my house right now, so here you go. I think these hair bows are so darling on little girls. The nice thing is they are so easy to make, they take about twenty minutes, but they are so worth it.

Things needed: 
1-1.5 inch wide ribbon 3/4 -1 yard 
(if you want to have more layers use more ribbon)
Bead, or button
Sewing machine, 
Hair clip
Glue gun
First you are going to sew the a gathering stitch (this is usually a 4 or 5 stitch length)
Gather the ends so it curls
Make a circle with your ribbon, 
make another circle layer and then using your needle and thread sew the insides together, 
continue doing this with each layer,until you have no more ribbon left. 

It should look like this. Now tie off your ends. On this bow I hand stitched a bead as the center, but you could use a button or a brad.

Now you can glue it onto your hair piece. 
And there you go, a cute hair piece for you little princess! (or a friend)

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