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Monday, March 21, 2011

Calendar Card

I got this cute desk daily calendar a couple of years ago, and after storing it for a very long time I got the idea from my mom to make cards out of it. So I took the pictures with the sayings that I liked slabbed them onto some cute paper added some embellishments and wallah!. Using the calendar makes card making really easy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cheap Wreath

I got this idea from good things Utah. I pruned some branches off a tree near by my home. Then I hot glue gunned them to make a square. I also wired the corners to hold it together. The wreath still needed some fluff so I got some more branches and glue gunned them on to fill in the holes. After the wreath base was done I spray painted it. Then I used some tree decorations I bought on clearance glue gunned the pieces onto the wreath. I used a wire to put it onto my door. On good things Utah the lady used more branches at the base, or "square" and rounded them to make it look circular. This is a fun project and you can do so many things with it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Girl Card

Well, I figured since I posted a little boy card, that I should do one for a little girl too.  Start out with a white card stock base, and then choose two corresponding prints for the front.  Rip the edge of the piece that will have the seem on top.  Wrap a small piece of ribbon around the ripped piece and secure with glue dots on the back of the paper before you glue it down.  I used a small metal heart brad on the ribbon, but you could use a little sticker or flower.  I stamped "Baby Girl" directly onto the paper and then used a little metal frame to accent it.  You could stamp it or print it on your computer and use "Princess" or whatever you want to make it age appropriate.  Have fun!

Little Boy Card

For this cute car card start out with a half of a sheet of blue card stock (5 1/2 x 8 1/2).  Fold it in half with one of the edges sticking out about 3/8 of an inch and then fold the edge down over where the two edges meet and glue it down to create an envelope.  With the folded over edge on the back, glue the left open end shut.  Glue on a strip of green paper and black paper, and add your cars cut out of paper and the button wheels.  I used a white marker to make the stripes on the road and the windows on the cars.  Cut a small semi-circle out of the front of the card on the end where the insert is pulled out.

Then for the insert where you'll write your message, create a stop light to put on the one end of your paper and punch a small hole and tie a ribbon around it so that it's easier to pull out.  This will be your son or nephews favorite card!!!!