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Monday, March 21, 2011

Calendar Card

I got this cute desk daily calendar a couple of years ago, and after storing it for a very long time I got the idea from my mom to make cards out of it. So I took the pictures with the sayings that I liked slabbed them onto some cute paper added some embellishments and wallah!. Using the calendar makes card making really easy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cheap Wreath

I got this idea from good things Utah. I pruned some branches off a tree near by my home. Then I hot glue gunned them to make a square. I also wired the corners to hold it together. The wreath still needed some fluff so I got some more branches and glue gunned them on to fill in the holes. After the wreath base was done I spray painted it. Then I used some tree decorations I bought on clearance glue gunned the pieces onto the wreath. I used a wire to put it onto my door. On good things Utah the lady used more branches at the base, or "square" and rounded them to make it look circular. This is a fun project and you can do so many things with it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Girl Card

Well, I figured since I posted a little boy card, that I should do one for a little girl too.  Start out with a white card stock base, and then choose two corresponding prints for the front.  Rip the edge of the piece that will have the seem on top.  Wrap a small piece of ribbon around the ripped piece and secure with glue dots on the back of the paper before you glue it down.  I used a small metal heart brad on the ribbon, but you could use a little sticker or flower.  I stamped "Baby Girl" directly onto the paper and then used a little metal frame to accent it.  You could stamp it or print it on your computer and use "Princess" or whatever you want to make it age appropriate.  Have fun!

Little Boy Card

For this cute car card start out with a half of a sheet of blue card stock (5 1/2 x 8 1/2).  Fold it in half with one of the edges sticking out about 3/8 of an inch and then fold the edge down over where the two edges meet and glue it down to create an envelope.  With the folded over edge on the back, glue the left open end shut.  Glue on a strip of green paper and black paper, and add your cars cut out of paper and the button wheels.  I used a white marker to make the stripes on the road and the windows on the cars.  Cut a small semi-circle out of the front of the card on the end where the insert is pulled out.

Then for the insert where you'll write your message, create a stop light to put on the one end of your paper and punch a small hole and tie a ribbon around it so that it's easier to pull out.  This will be your son or nephews favorite card!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cabinet door board

I found this black cabinet door a while ago. I painted the front part of the cabinet with chalk board paint. 
 I cut some paper to use as the frame of the board, and mod podged them on.

 I had the cute black scroll wood stick I used to put between my magnet board and the chalk board

 It was fun to make and really cheap. I love finding garbage and making it into something usable!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Baby Shower

My friend had a book themed baby shower. I was in charge of the table center pieces. I wanted to be creative. So I made these box hat towers using a book with old children poems.

 I tour regular patterned paper and modge podged it to the hat boxes.
 Tearing up pictures and poems from the book I inked the edges, and modge podged them over my torn paper.
 I layer them on top of each other and used silky material scraps for the ribbon.
 I was also in charge of the take home treats. I made homemade oreos and wrote baby on them with melted mint chips. Then I bagged them and stapled on these adorable boy shoes I cut from my silhouette machine.
It was a fun shower, and everyone loved the decorations and the cookies!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Any Occasion Card

Here's how to make this card:  

-First cut your black card stock in half and fold for the base. 
-Cut out the green card stock to be just smaller than the front of the card and then rip off 
      one of the edges.  Before you glue it to the card, finish everything else on the front of 
      the green.  
-Glue the black polka dotted piece on with the top edge ripped. 
-Wrap the black and pink ribbon around the bottom and secure with glue dots on the back
       of the green. 
-I crinkled up the white paper so it looked worn and then I inked the edges of it before I
       glued it on.   
-Put the small safety pin on and tie the pink ribbon through it with your charm attached.  
      I found these cute keys to use, but you could cut something out of paper or use a 
      flower or pretty much anything.
-Glue the green paper on to the black paper.
-Use a small hole punch to punch the holes for the eyelets and insert the four eyelets.
-Use thread, twine, string, or ribbon and insert through the holes and tie them on the inside 
       of the card and you're done!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Any Occasion Card

Here's a cute card for any occasion.  Choose a paper with a design on one side and plain on the other and fold it so that the design is on the inside of the card.  Don't fold it exactly in half though, leave about one inch of the design showing along the edge.  Then I just used some flowers held together by brads and some white crinkle paper that I stamped "Just for you" on to finish it off.  For the inside of the card, I cut a piece of white paper wide enough to also show from the front and I tore the edge off to give it a worn look. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Flowers for hair, crafts, etc.

I just learned how to make the cutest flowers to put in your hair, or on a hat, or a purse, or wherever you want.  Here's what you'll need:   
                                 Solid fabric (8"x 8" square is enough fabric for one flower and I like to 
                                                     use a  shimmery / satiny type fabric)
                                 Sheer fabric/netting that corresponds/matches the solid 
                                                     (5"x 5" square is enough sheer for one flower)
                                 beads or a button for the middle
                                 needle and thread
                                 1" by 2" rectangle of felt 
                                 hair barrette
                                 hot glue gun

Okay, first cut out of all your circles* according to the following measurements (you can make smaller flowers by leaving off the biggest circles):
4" circle - solid fabric            (you can cut out the layers however you want....more
3 1/2 " circle - solid fabric        or less sheer depending on how full you want the flower)
3" circle - solid and sheer fabric
2 1/2" circle - sheer fabric
2" circle - solid fabric
1 1/2" circle - solid and sheer fabric

*It's probably easiest to just get a piece of paper and draw your circles on it and then cut them out and use them as a pattern.  Then it's easy to see if you can fit the circles on to scraps of fabric that you already have. :)

Now comes the fun part.....burning the edges.  The type of fabric you have will determine how fast it burns, so I would practice on a scrap of fabric first. You can burn the edges of the sheer fabric like I did in the example above, but if you use netting instead of sheer, DO NOT BURN THE NETTING!  It will disintegrate and burn your fingers, because it burns so fast.  You don't have to hold the fabric directly in the flame, the heat about 1/4" to 1/2" above the flame is hot enough to curl the edge of your fabric.  Don't worry about getting it perfect, the different amounts that it curls is what adds to the character of the flower.  

After you've burned all of your pieces, layer them up in size order.  Sometimes I burned a piece so much that it turned out smaller than I thought it would so it fit in a different order than originally planned, but it doesn't really matter, you can layer as much or as little as you want.  You can have the sheer between every layer of solid, or only add two layers.  With the netting, since you don't burn the edges of it, it adds a different look that is cute, and it's kind of fun if you don't line it up exactly with the other layers, so that the netting sticks out here and there.

Take your needle and thread and do two or three stitches through all of the layers to hook your flower together and then sew your beads in the middle, going through all of the layers to further secure the layers.  If you're putting the flower on a bag or something, then you're done!  But if you want to make it into a barrett for your hair, or to clip on to a head band or a hat, then do this last step. 

Cut out the felt to be just slightly bigger than your barrette and sew the felt onto the barrette on each end as shown in the picture.  Then hot glue the felt to the back of your flower. These flowers may sound complicated, but they go together really fast and look adorable!  Have fun!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Day Card

Here is a cute idea for a Valentine's Day card.  Here's what you'll need:
Solid dark pink card stock, cut in half (5 1/2" x 8 1/2")
1 sheet of solid light pink card stock
2 corresponding prints
flower/butterfly/heart embellishment
sheer ribbon

Here are the measurements for the rectangles:
large light pink 4 1/2" x 3 1/4"
large print rectangle 4 1/4" x 3"
small light pink rectangle 3" x 2 1/4"
small print rectangle 2 3/4" x 2"

Glue all the rectangles together, add your embellishment to the front, tie the 
ribbon around the whole thing and then glue it on the dark pink card 
stock and voila you're done!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paper Heart Wreath

At JoAnn's I got this "how to paper" that gave instructions on how to make a paper wreath for Christmas using  paper and a cutting machine. Because I am short on Valentine Decorations I decided to make this heart wreath. I wanted to do black and white, but I think it would look really cute with vintage colored paper.

                                                                   Supplies needed:
                                                   Foam Wreath (any shape will do)
                                                                 Ribbon for hanging
                                                              12 pieces  8x11  Double sided patterned paper (or less depending                                     on the size of wreath, and size of paper
                                                              Package of sewing pins
                                                                     Brown Ink stamp
                                                             Flower die cut, or Die cutting machine
First I used my Silhouette to cut out a bunch of flowers, different sizes.
Then I used my ink to ink the edges of each flower. I stacked two or three different sized flowers 
on top of each other, and curled each flower pedal in to make a 3 dimensional look.
I then used my pins and pinned each flower onto the heart wreath.  I found this wreath at a thrift store and it was already covered with ribbon so I left the ribbon on, but you do not need to cover the wreath with ribbon.  I stuck my flowers pretty close together so the pressure of each pedal against each other would help keep them curled up. I also cut out some leafs and used them to cover up any holes.
       After covering the whole wreath I pinned my hanging ribbon on the back using pins. When making this wreath you can use any type of paper for any holiday and any type of flowers. You can use the same flower cutout like I did or you mix different types of flowers. Also you can use brads in the center of some flowers to add a more decorative touch.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Easy Material Flowers

 You will have to forgive my pictures for this post, my camera's flash went out, so if I don't get enough light then they are blurry. Anyways I used my cuddle bug (a hand die cutting machine) with a sizzix flower die cut to make these cute flowers.
 I used three matching fabrics, and ran them through the machine. (I love this machine it was cheaper then a lot of the other hand die cutting machines, and it cuts fabric, metal, paper, and other medium weight materials.)
 I cut out a circle with some felt to help the flower keep it's shape. Then I got some buttons to place in the middle of the flower.
 I sewed the button in the middle of the flower to the felt circle. Then I sewed through the different layers of material and felt to keep the flower together. (When sewing the flower together try to make small stitches so you can't see them.)
Now that the flower is done I hot glued it onto a hair clip for my girls. If you do not want to sew the different layers you can always hot glue gun them together. You can also use these flower as embellishments for cards , scrap booking and other crafts.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Any Occasion Card

I love when I have a card that I can use as a birthday card, thank you card, Mother's day card, or whatever I want it to be.  All you need is two corresponding prints, a stripe of solid and a square of white.  I chalked the edges of the white square with red ink, so that the edges were a little more subtle.  Then I used a brad to hook two flowers together and I punched the brad through the white paper as well.  It's easier to be able to just glue on the white square then it is to try to glue the flower to the card.

Little Boy Card

This card was so easy to make!  Find a cute paper at the scrapbook store that has pictures on it and cut them out and buy a corresponding print and two corresponding solid colors to go along with the pictures.  The paper I found had boats, train engines, trucks, spaceships, and stars on it.  I used three of the little 3D Foam square adhesives that are sticky on both sides to hook on the engine, boat and truck so that they were popping out a little.  What little boy wouldn't love this card?