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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paper Heart Wreath

At JoAnn's I got this "how to paper" that gave instructions on how to make a paper wreath for Christmas using  paper and a cutting machine. Because I am short on Valentine Decorations I decided to make this heart wreath. I wanted to do black and white, but I think it would look really cute with vintage colored paper.

                                                                   Supplies needed:
                                                   Foam Wreath (any shape will do)
                                                                 Ribbon for hanging
                                                              12 pieces  8x11  Double sided patterned paper (or less depending                                     on the size of wreath, and size of paper
                                                              Package of sewing pins
                                                                     Brown Ink stamp
                                                             Flower die cut, or Die cutting machine
First I used my Silhouette to cut out a bunch of flowers, different sizes.
Then I used my ink to ink the edges of each flower. I stacked two or three different sized flowers 
on top of each other, and curled each flower pedal in to make a 3 dimensional look.
I then used my pins and pinned each flower onto the heart wreath.  I found this wreath at a thrift store and it was already covered with ribbon so I left the ribbon on, but you do not need to cover the wreath with ribbon.  I stuck my flowers pretty close together so the pressure of each pedal against each other would help keep them curled up. I also cut out some leafs and used them to cover up any holes.
       After covering the whole wreath I pinned my hanging ribbon on the back using pins. When making this wreath you can use any type of paper for any holiday and any type of flowers. You can use the same flower cutout like I did or you mix different types of flowers. Also you can use brads in the center of some flowers to add a more decorative touch.

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