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Monday, January 17, 2011

Easy Material Flowers

 You will have to forgive my pictures for this post, my camera's flash went out, so if I don't get enough light then they are blurry. Anyways I used my cuddle bug (a hand die cutting machine) with a sizzix flower die cut to make these cute flowers.
 I used three matching fabrics, and ran them through the machine. (I love this machine it was cheaper then a lot of the other hand die cutting machines, and it cuts fabric, metal, paper, and other medium weight materials.)
 I cut out a circle with some felt to help the flower keep it's shape. Then I got some buttons to place in the middle of the flower.
 I sewed the button in the middle of the flower to the felt circle. Then I sewed through the different layers of material and felt to keep the flower together. (When sewing the flower together try to make small stitches so you can't see them.)
Now that the flower is done I hot glued it onto a hair clip for my girls. If you do not want to sew the different layers you can always hot glue gun them together. You can also use these flower as embellishments for cards , scrap booking and other crafts.

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