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Thursday, December 30, 2010

This is a really simple card.  I used a solid, print, 2 brads, another small strip of a solid and whatever you want for the words.  You could stamp them or in this case I ran it off on my computer. 

Whatever color you pick for the inside is what you see on the front bottom of the card.  I folded the card in half and on the front flap I cut a smiley face by trimming off the edges of the card.  I glued the the print on the front and cut it to match. 

Next, using the brads, I attached the Happy Birthday paper onto the coordinating solid and then glued on the solid to the card.  That's it.  You can change it up and use whatever words you want. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Tree Card

I know Christmas is over, but here is a cute idea for a homemade Christmas card for next year!  Just cut out 7 small rectangles out of corresponding Christmas prints and stack them on top of each other.  I cut a trunk out of little piece of brown paper and a star out of some red paper to finish it off.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Star Card

Since I don't plan on posting again later this week. I will be enjoying some much needed time with my kids I am posting everything today.

I love this Christmas card. The stars really make it.

You will need:
christmas paper
white cardstock
coordinating cardstock
3 cardboard stars (you could cut these out of cardboard yourself*)
brads or hooks of some kind

Cut out your white cardstock and fold it into a card. Print a Christmas message on your vellum. Then cut it into a rectangle. Glue the vellum on the coordinating paper. Cut the coordinating paper a little bigger than the vellum and glue onto the Christmas print paper. Use a needle to put a hole in the stars (you could also use yellow cardstock stars). Thread your string on the needle and use the needle to thread the stars on the string. To help prevent the stars from moving around tie a knot behind the star. Try threading your stars so that they are going different directions. Then tie the string around the hook and attach to the card. If you are using brads then punch the brads through the print paper first and then tie the thread around the brad. Then push the brad down on the other side of the print paper. Lastly glue your print paper on the white cardstock.

*To cut out the cardboard stars yourself download this star, print it out, and then use it to cut out the stars.

Christmas Card (Two for One)

I love Christmas. Back before I was a working mom I used to make homemade Christmas cards. Here is the same card with a different message and paper. It always amazes me how different cards can look when you just change a couple of things.

You will need:
Christmas print paper
coordinating paper
white cardstock
red ribbon (about 3/4 yard)
4 brads
Christmas sticker or printed message

Cut your card out of white cardstock and fold in half. Then cut your Christmas print paper so it fits the front of your card. Put your Christmas sticker or print a Christmas message on the vellum, cut it out, and attach it with brads to the Christmas print at the top of the card. You can use a background paper behind the vellum to add interest (especially if your background paper has a lot of white) as one of the cards shows. Then it is time to add the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the Christmas print twice below the vellum and then tie in a bow. Then glue your Christmas print paper on the white cardstock.

Hands Soap Bottles

It's probably my turn to post, since no one posted on Monday. Sorry. I have the hardest time keeping track of this extra item in my life. But I have two weeks off teaching for Christmas and actually have time to post. I love Christmas break.

So here is my Christmas or anytime craft for the week. It is super easy and cheap. My two favorite things when I'm making a craft.

You will need:
a bottle of soap (get the $1 Equate kind from Walmart)
transparency with hands saying printed on it
netting or ribbon
gift tags
rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover

First download a copy of the hands saying, then using your own printer or your local copy store print it onto a transparency. Cut apart the hands saying. Remove the labels from the soap bottle (Equate soap is the cheapest and easiest to remove the labels, Softsoap brand labels are hard to get off). Use the rubbing alcohol (works best) to remove and residue from the label. Then unscrew the lid of the soap bottle. Loosely roll the hands saying up (just small enough to fit in the soap bottle opening), it works better if you roll it back with the saying on the front. Then put the saying in the soap bottle. Use the soap dispenser to push it down a little and help it unroll. Be careful not to push it all the way down to the bottom. Screw the lid back on. Then tie the netting or ribbon around the top, attach a gift tag if you want, and viola a finished gift. You can use red and green colors for Christmas or other colors for birthday gifts.

Here is the download link for the Hands saying.

Monday, December 13, 2010

An Extra post

I got back from a cruise last week, and posted my Monday post but forgot my Thursday one. I am so sorry, so here is my post a couple of days late!
I made these Dashing through the Snow plagues for gifts. There were easy and fun to do. All you need is three pieces of wood that can be any size. (if you have some scraps they would work well) My wood was 4x4 and 3x4. 1/2 inch thick.
I painted the edge and backsides along with the top sides of the wood pieces
You can use any color you want that looks good with your paper

I cut my paper to be a little smaller then my wood. I then modge Podge the paper onto the wood

I cut these shapes using my Silhouette. And I cut the words Let It Snow in a different vinyl color then my images. If you do not have a vinyl machine you can always print an image onto the paper using your printer, or use some big stickers from the craft store.

There you go a gift for the neighbors or a decoration for yourself.

Holiday Magnets

These cute magnets are so easy to make and make great gifts for your neighbors!  Buy a bag of the 1 inch clear glass marbles, the flat ones that usually go in vases, not the round ones.  Then cut out circles of scrapbook paper to fit the marbles.  I glued on a star and snowflake and printed joy on some of them.  Then mod podge the paper to the flat part of the marble.  When it's dry either hot glue a magnet to the back or buy the little round ones that have the sticky back.  I used the stick on ones, and they are holding just fine.  I plan on buying the silver canning lids (not the rings, but the lids themselves) and putting a circle of scrapbook paper on the inside of it and then putting the magnets on it and then put them in a little cellophane gift bag with some shredded paper stuff.  That way the magnets stick to the lid and don't get lost in the bag.  Have fun creating!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Count down to christmas

I am a firm believer in good deals, especially in crafts. Last year I found this wood advent calendar on clearance at Michaels. I don't have an advent calendar, so this is what I did to spruce this up:
First I spray painted the entire advent calendar (spray painting was easier then painting it with acrylics)

 I used my printer to print the numbers on the scrapbook paper