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Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Magnets

These cute magnets are so easy to make and make great gifts for your neighbors!  Buy a bag of the 1 inch clear glass marbles, the flat ones that usually go in vases, not the round ones.  Then cut out circles of scrapbook paper to fit the marbles.  I glued on a star and snowflake and printed joy on some of them.  Then mod podge the paper to the flat part of the marble.  When it's dry either hot glue a magnet to the back or buy the little round ones that have the sticky back.  I used the stick on ones, and they are holding just fine.  I plan on buying the silver canning lids (not the rings, but the lids themselves) and putting a circle of scrapbook paper on the inside of it and then putting the magnets on it and then put them in a little cellophane gift bag with some shredded paper stuff.  That way the magnets stick to the lid and don't get lost in the bag.  Have fun creating!

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