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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hands Soap Bottles

It's probably my turn to post, since no one posted on Monday. Sorry. I have the hardest time keeping track of this extra item in my life. But I have two weeks off teaching for Christmas and actually have time to post. I love Christmas break.

So here is my Christmas or anytime craft for the week. It is super easy and cheap. My two favorite things when I'm making a craft.

You will need:
a bottle of soap (get the $1 Equate kind from Walmart)
transparency with hands saying printed on it
netting or ribbon
gift tags
rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover

First download a copy of the hands saying, then using your own printer or your local copy store print it onto a transparency. Cut apart the hands saying. Remove the labels from the soap bottle (Equate soap is the cheapest and easiest to remove the labels, Softsoap brand labels are hard to get off). Use the rubbing alcohol (works best) to remove and residue from the label. Then unscrew the lid of the soap bottle. Loosely roll the hands saying up (just small enough to fit in the soap bottle opening), it works better if you roll it back with the saying on the front. Then put the saying in the soap bottle. Use the soap dispenser to push it down a little and help it unroll. Be careful not to push it all the way down to the bottom. Screw the lid back on. Then tie the netting or ribbon around the top, attach a gift tag if you want, and viola a finished gift. You can use red and green colors for Christmas or other colors for birthday gifts.

Here is the download link for the Hands saying.

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