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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Star Card

Since I don't plan on posting again later this week. I will be enjoying some much needed time with my kids I am posting everything today.

I love this Christmas card. The stars really make it.

You will need:
christmas paper
white cardstock
coordinating cardstock
3 cardboard stars (you could cut these out of cardboard yourself*)
brads or hooks of some kind

Cut out your white cardstock and fold it into a card. Print a Christmas message on your vellum. Then cut it into a rectangle. Glue the vellum on the coordinating paper. Cut the coordinating paper a little bigger than the vellum and glue onto the Christmas print paper. Use a needle to put a hole in the stars (you could also use yellow cardstock stars). Thread your string on the needle and use the needle to thread the stars on the string. To help prevent the stars from moving around tie a knot behind the star. Try threading your stars so that they are going different directions. Then tie the string around the hook and attach to the card. If you are using brads then punch the brads through the print paper first and then tie the thread around the brad. Then push the brad down on the other side of the print paper. Lastly glue your print paper on the white cardstock.

*To cut out the cardboard stars yourself download this star, print it out, and then use it to cut out the stars.

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