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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Any Occasion Card

Here's how to make this card:  

-First cut your black card stock in half and fold for the base. 
-Cut out the green card stock to be just smaller than the front of the card and then rip off 
      one of the edges.  Before you glue it to the card, finish everything else on the front of 
      the green.  
-Glue the black polka dotted piece on with the top edge ripped. 
-Wrap the black and pink ribbon around the bottom and secure with glue dots on the back
       of the green. 
-I crinkled up the white paper so it looked worn and then I inked the edges of it before I
       glued it on.   
-Put the small safety pin on and tie the pink ribbon through it with your charm attached.  
      I found these cute keys to use, but you could cut something out of paper or use a 
      flower or pretty much anything.
-Glue the green paper on to the black paper.
-Use a small hole punch to punch the holes for the eyelets and insert the four eyelets.
-Use thread, twine, string, or ribbon and insert through the holes and tie them on the inside 
       of the card and you're done!

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