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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halloween Door Hanger

"One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure"

I found these pieces of wood in the dumpster of a cabinet shop. I took a couple of pieces, and came up with this Door hanging decoration. You don't have to make it a Halloween door hanger, you can use any type of paper, or ribbon for this project. The only bummer is I didn't grab more pieces!

Things needed: 
3 pieces of  1.5inch by 3/4 inch by 9 inch wood
Chain ( I used silver Jewelry chain)
Scrapbook paper
Acrylic Paint to match your paper for the wood
10 eye hooks
Modge podge
paint brush


First you are going to sand the edges of your wood. Then you will need to paint them the colors that match your paper
.                                            Cut your paper a little smaller then 1.5" and 9" I inked the edges of the paper in black to bring out the paper, but you don't have to do this step.
Modge podge the paper onto the wood, smooth out any crinkles, then put a layer of modpodge on top.
Then I took some black paint and I stressed the corners of the wood. (to stress the corner put a little bit of paint on a brush you don't care to have ruined. Stroke it on some paper until there is only a little bit of paint, and then take the brush and stroke the edges of the wood softly.)

I cut some vinyl words with my silhouette, however you can use different font and sizes of letter stickers from the store, or rub ons.

Next you put the eye hooks on the wood like this:
Top Piece and middle piece: on the top and bottom part of the wood place eye hooks on both the left and right sides so you will have four eye hooks on each piece.
   The bottom piece: place eye hooks on left and right sides only on the top of the wood

Disconnect the chain so you have four 2 inch strips and one 14 inch strip.
Connect the three pieces of wood by linking together the bottom piece of wood to the middle piece placing the chain ends in the eye hooks, and the middle and top piece by placing the chain on the middle top wood eye hooks, and the bottom of  the top wood piece eye hooks.

To finish the project connect the 14 inch chain to the two top wood piece eye hooks, add a bow and there you go a darling decoration to your door.

*IDEA* While making this I thought it would be cute to do one that said Friends always Welcome, or Welcome to our house. You can really do a lot of things with this craft

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