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Monday, September 13, 2010

Got Sparkle Sketchers?

My daughter has been begging me for some sparkle sketchers. I couldn't get myself to pay $40 for a pair of shoes that would be worn out before the middle of the school year. So I found a pair of shoes from Walmart for $3 and decided, what the heck, I will make my own sparkle sketchers.

First I painted the top part white with acrylic paint.

Now time to decorate. You can do any decoration you like. My daughter loves butterflies, hearts and flowers, so using acrylic paints I colored those shapes on the shoes. Then I used a permanent marker to outline the shapes.

Now it is time to add some sparkle. I used fabric puff sparkle paint that I also got from Walmart. I covered the whole shoe (except the white part) with blue sparkles, and painted everything with the sparkle paint that matched the color. So for example I painted over the heart with pink sparkle paint.

Then I used rhinestones from Michaels and glued them on with guerrilla glue (this stuff pretty much glues everything together)

I also got some white sparkle shoe laces to go with the shoes from Payless Shoe.  These were fun to make, and I am sure my daughter will be kicking around in them for a while!

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