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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Any occasion card

For this card you can pretty much use 
any 2 coordinating papers and ribbon
that you have on hand.  The flowered 
paper is cut in 2 inch strips and the
solid is a 1 inch strip. I cut the strips
the full length of the card so that 
they overlapped each other when
glued on. I bought a jar of multi-
colored paper flowers that I have 
been using for years . You could 
also cut out flowers from your print
and use those.  When you tie the 
ribbon on open your card flat, lay it
on a cutting board or mat and make a small slit the width of your ribbon on the spine 
of the card. Then pull the ribbon through and tie it in a bow or knot in the front.  Before
I glued my card together, to add a little something more, I pressed the front center of 
my card lightly on my ink pad and then chalked the edges of my flowers. Which means that I just rubbed the edges of the flowers over an ink pad. This adds an extra dimension. You could 
also stamp words or glue something else in the place of the flowers.

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