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Thursday, September 16, 2010


I went to home depot this week and saw these 5x6 aluminum sheets. I was thinking they might be magnetic, oops they aren't, so I tried to write on it with a dry erase marker and it worked like a dry erase board. So here you go, a dry erase board fridge magnet.

Things needed:
Adhesive magnetic strip ( I got this from Michaels)
Modge podge
E600 glue
1 piece of super cute scrapbook paper
acrylic paint to match your scrapbook paper
stamp ink (to ink the edges)
5x6 inch sheet of aluminum
thin piece of Ply wood cut to desired size, (I bought a bundle of wood plaques from Michaels and used one of those pieces.)
Letter stickers or vinyl saying (optional)

First you are going to cut your scrapbook paper a little smaller then your ply wood. Ink the edges of the cute paper with ink. (I like to use Brown ink)

Next paint the edges of your ply wood and sides.
When dry, glue your paper onto your wood. I used mod podge on the top and bottom of the paper.
I cut the aluminum sheet a little bit using regular scissors. Use the E600 to glue on the aluminum sheet to your board. If you want you can put a vinyl word on the top, or use letter stickers to make a word.

Cut and place the magnetic sheet so it covers most of your wood, unless you have really strong magnets, then you can use those.

There you go, a dry erase board for you fridge. You can make bigger or smaller ones, and embelish them all you want.

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