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Monday, October 11, 2010

Trick or treat Week!

This week we are going to focus on Everything you need to have a spectacular Halloween. Of course I would love to hear what you do to celebrate Halloween. And I hope these ideas will help you in your Spooky Halloween.
Today we are going to focus on decorations,  Making a spooky table that will knock the socks off of your friends! 
 I found a lot of this stuff at Michaels, but I later on took a trip to All a dollar, which isn't that close to my house, but they have most of this stuff and more for only a buck!
 I bought these flowers already black, but you can buy some roses from all a dollar, or flowers, spray paint them black, dip the ends in glue, and then in purple or sparkle black glitter.
 To make the Frankenstein and witch silhouette frame I found two old silver frames for the thrift store. I then googled on my computer for a free witch or Frankenstein picture. I wanted them to be small so I adjusted the size on windows. I then printed off the faces, and colored in the white space with a black marker. I then cut out the faces and pasted them onto an old book page (off of a book that I also got from the thrift store) I used a match to carefully burn the edges of the paper. (Please do this either outside, or in the bathroom by a tub that has water in it, so you don't burn down your house.) I glued the burnt paper onto a black paper and placed it in the frame.
 This was not my original idea, my sister in law did this at her house, and I thought it was pretty clever. This is a witches spell book. I took a black leather covered old book, the more hashed the better, and I spray painted over any lettering with black. Then I burnt the edges, which took a while because you can only burn a couple of pages at a time. To make the book fold down better I tore some pages out and to give it a more worn look I put water on some of the pages.
 I placed different trinkets on the table to fill up the space, and I wanted to create a little bit of dazzle so I put purple lights under some tissue paper.
I filled up some glass jars with glitter bones, ping-pong ball eyeballs, and water with green food coloring. 

I can't wait to see what your spooky table looks like. 
Tomorrow we will invite the guests!

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