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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Monochromatic Card

I am totally late on this post. Being a mom of three and a full-time teacher is hectic and sometimes life just gets in the way. But better late than never.

My last post was all about using big and bold patterned paper. This post is the opposite. The pattern is simple and the card is more classic looking. The colors in the card are all monochromatic, which means that all of the colors used in the card are shades of the same color (black and white can also be used). I like monochromatic cards because the colors always coordinate well. This card uses pink, but you could use any color.

        Gather your supplies. A simple patterned paper where the pattern and background are the same color, ribbon, flower, brad, and another paper of the same color but different shade or shades as your patterned paper.
        Cut out your card and fold it in half. Then cut a strip of ribbon the same length as your card. Cut the ends of the ribbon on an angle and glue on the ribbon about an inch from the bottom of the card. You can use glue dots or a glue stick.
        Put a brad through your flower. Then use glue to attach the flower on the left side of the ribbon.
        Cut out a rectangle of paper. Stamp or write your message of choice. Then glue the rectangle above the ribbon on the right. Now you're done.
        The ribbon, flower, and paper create a nice group of three. When making cards you always want to use odd numbers, because an odd number of objects is more pleasing to the eye.

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