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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The costume!

I asked all of my guests to dress up for the party. My youngest is going to be a fairy this year. I am making her a bead flower tiarra and some pink leg warmers using the instructions from this site:  http://www.whattoexpect.com/blogs/imamommywhatsyoursuperpower/trendy-baby-gear-homemade-baby-legs-tutorial
I am going to show you how I made her tutu skirt. There are a ton of tutorials out there, so here is mine:
1 tutu skirt for a 12 month old:
6 half yards of tulle all different colors. (you may need more if you are doing an older child)
headband elastic
2 same colored flowers
one diamond brad

 I folded my half yard tulle in half, selvage to selvage. Then cut at the fold. I then cut the fabric at three inches the long way, until I had a lot of 3 x 22 inch pieces.
Next I folded the pieces around the hair band in half and tied two knots. I did this with each color until the tulle covered the whole head band.

I took apart the two flowers and added them together using a brad to keep the petals together. I then sewed the flower onto the skirt and tied a green ribbon around it.

I am going to have my daughter wear this with a white onesie, the leg warmers, tiarra, and butter fly wings.

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