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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Activity Treat for guests

The moment I saw these little apples I fell in love with them! They are the perfect size for making caramel apples with our guests for our Halloween party! To practice my kids and I made some. 
I bought a bunch of tiny apples about 1x1inch, we used 8 for this
1 small package of caramels
1 cup chocolate chips ( I like milk) but you can use all different kinds
three boxes of mini nerds Halloween colors
1/4 cup flavored coffee creamer or sweetened condensed milk
8 skewers

 To make the caramel, I melted the caramel with 1/8 cup of creamer. Then we put the skewers in the middle of the apples and dipped away.
 They are a bit runny so I let them dry a little on Styrofoam.
 We then dipped the caramel in a chocolate solution: 1/8 cup creamer to 1 cup chocolate, I cooked this in the microwave for 20 seconds and then stirred until the chocolate chips were melted and the milk was incorporated. If the chocolate chips need a little bit of warming up, only do 10 sec or less at a time. You do not want to burn the chocolate.
After dipping them in the chocolate we dipped them in the nerds. I know these do not look like martha stewarts, but my kids did them and had a great time! I know your guests will as well.
 You can also use sprinkles, nuts, mini chocolate chips, and mini m&m's to dip them in.

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  1. We also made these last year with cousins and had a ball. We mashed up a lot of candy to use, my favorite was butterfinger!