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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Card

This is my second Halloween card that I made, using the left over paper and brads from the first card.  I made it just like the first one, just changed what I
glued on the front.                                                            
Extras for this card include:                          
lime green solid paper                                
lime green rick-rack
large googly eyes                                     

I drew the boo on a white piece of paper first until it looked how I wanted it to look and fit my googly eyes. To make it easy, instead of cutting the spaces out of the big B, I cut two small pieces of the lime green and glued it to the front of the B so it looks like I cut it out. Then using a pencil I traced it onto a black paper and cut it out.  I laid the cut out boo on my lime green paper,and drew around the boo again.  (in the picture it doesn't show up very well as being lime green) Then I glued the the black boo onto the green paper.  I felt like it needed something more so I used Elmer's glue spread with a toothpick on all of the lime green and added glitter.  Which is why in the picture it looks more white than green, although in real life you can see the lime green through the glitter and it looks really cute.  Then I glued on the googly eyes and added a piece of green rick-rack attaching it under the corner brads.  It is nice to use the re-use paper you already have and end up with 2 cute cards that look different from each other.  Happy card making!

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