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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No shoes please

I got this idea from another craft blog on how to tell guests not to wear shoes in the home. And because I have a baby in the house she is constantly picking up and eating anything on the ground. So this is what you will need to make this darling Bare feet only picture frame.
1 wood frame ( I bought mine from Michaels for $1)
wood Acrylic paint (use a paint that will match with your paper)
1 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper (the thicker the paper the less it will bubble)
Mod podge
A picture of your family or kids with bare feet!
First measure the frame onto the paper. Then cut out your paper, I made mine a little smaller then what I measured so I could have a painted edge.
 Paint the frame, it isn't important to paint the part of the frame that the paper will cover.

 Then I mod podged the paper onto the frame. I learned that if you glue the paper to the frame first, then let it dry before you mod podge over it, it made less bubbles when it dried. I also smooth out the bumps the best I can with the back of a butter knife. I used the paint to dust the edges of the scrapbook paper using a stencil brush.

 My sweet brother in law took the picture of all of our feet! I think it turned out pretty cute. I hang this on my door with a wreath around it, that way when people come they know to take off their shoes, without me having to ask!


  1. I LOVE this frame!! I assume a professional phtgrpher had to add the wording to the picture???

  2. Actually I used my photoshop program. But you could easily put the wording in vinyl letters on the actual frame.