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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gift Box

was looking for something cute to go in my bathroom to place toilette paper in, I saw these boxes and my creative juices started flowing. These can be used as a decoration or as a box to give a gift in

Supplies needed:
A box ( you can get these in all different sizes at Ross or TJ Max)
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Scrapbook paper
glue gun and glue sticks
For Flower top:
1/4 yard satin lining
scrap of tulle

. Lets start with the lid. first I place the lid on the paper. You will need to measure the height of the lid and add 1/2 inch for the fold over.  Once you have your measurement make sure there is that much of the paper on the outside of you box, like shown in the picture. 
  Now you I cut the corners out and folded the edges to go over the box. Where the extra 1/2 inch is you will need to cut out the corner. 
 Next I put mod podge in the middle of the paper, placed the lid on the paper and I held it down smoothing the paper down so there weren't any bubbles. Then I glued the sides down one at a time holding each in place and smoothing out bubbles. When it was all dry I mod podged the outside of the box lid. On the inside added the ribbon. I cut out tow pieces the same size. Glue gunned them onto opposite sides. 

I tied the ribbon in a double knot, the on the opposite side tied a piece of tulle.

To make the flowers I went to this site here: 
I used buttons for the center of my flowers.

The box:
I measured the length and height of my box on it's side. Then I added 1/2 an inch on the height for the fold over on the top of the box.  I used two coordinating pieces of paper and cut out two sides of the box per paper. So in all I had four cut out pieces of paper for all four sides of the box. I folded the extra 1/2 inch of the paper on the inside of the box, making sure my paper also covered the bottom of the box. Then I cut the corners of the inside fold.
   I used mod podge to glue on the paper to each side of the box. (Make sure you do one at a time and use your hands to smooth out any bubbles. After each side is dry I mod podged the outside paper of the box
And there you have it an adorable box . I also did the same thing on a bigger box but used Halloween paper. On the top I put a big orange bow. 

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